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"Say Goodbye to Paper Waste and Counterfeit Goods with Autic"

Warranty and AMC management can be a tedious and costly process for both businesses and consumers. Manuals and warranty/guarantee cards are often made of paper and can be easily lost or forgotten, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities for businesses. In addition, counterfeit goods continue to be a major problem in the market, damaging the reputation and sales of popular brands.

Introducing Autic, a new paperless warranty and AMC management solution based on blockchain and smart contracts available for all products. With Autic, businesses can save on financial costs and reduce paper waste, while consumers can easily track warranty expiration dates, verify product authenticity, and claim their warranties with just one click.

The solution utilizes a tamper-proof blockchain and smart contracts to store all warranty information on a scanned QR code, which can be included in product packaging. Brands can also connect the QR code to a database that can be used to verify the product while purchasing it, further protecting against counterfeit goods.

Autic also offers a convenient and accessible solution for consumers, with a blockchain-based app that allows for direct communication with brands and assistance in claiming warranties. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty for businesses.

In addition, the Autic solution offers a significant cost savings and administrative efforts for businesses, with actionable data for cross-selling and retaining customers.

With Autic, , businesses can rest assured that they are providing a secure, efficient, and environmentally-friendly warranty and AMC management solution for their customers. Say goodbye to paper waste and counterfeit goods, and hello to Autic.

If you're a business looking for a cost-effective and innovative solution for your warranty and AMC management needs, or a consumer looking for a convenient and reliable way to track and claim your warranties, be sure to check out Autic. With the team's commitment to delivering a high-quality solution, you can trust that Autic has you covered. For more information, visit our website or contact us to schedule a demo.

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